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ok so yea today was boring..

i woke up and my mom forced me to do my h.w.. so it took me like 1 1/2 hours to freaken to my english poetry book pages and i forgot my book at school so i basically guessed how big to make them so yea i just hope they come out right.. so yea then i worked on my ss project some more.. then i did my math homework.. so yea i got done with all that at like 12:00ish.. so yea then i had to make christmas cards for my family and crap.. thenn i made myself soup.. but after i made it i decided i wasnt that hungry.. so i just picked out all the potatoes in the soup and ate those :P.. then i did like absolutely nothing the whole day.. then at like 4:30 my mom told me we were going out to dinner at 5:30 and i was like uhh do i have time to take a shower and do my hairr??.. and she was like "NO! YOUR BROTHER IS IN THE SHOWER blahh blahh blahhh".. so i didnt even get to take a freaken shower before i left.. so yea then i went out to dinner.. then we went aimlessly driving around my neighborhood looking at the Christmas decorations which was fun :P.. then i came home and took a shower and crapp.. and thats about itt..


by the way.. i tried to fix my layout today.. does it look alright?.. comment pleaseee

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