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so today was.. eh.. alright i guess..

  • FACS- we got ready for our restaurant.. i helped make the wall and stuff.. i ended up stapling my finger.. yea
  • SS- major test.. i knew everything though.. so i hopefully did good
  • Lab- we worked on the lab and stuff..
  • Math- quiz.. EZ as piee 8-)
  • English- we had DEAR.. i had to fill out a review form and crap.. yea
  • Lunch- i dont remember.. it was probably hillarious as always though..
  • Gym- we played Mat Ball.. it was fun i guess..
  • Earth Science- we had to finish sheetss..
  • Spanish- ugh.. burn..

So yea then i came home and i had the hugest headache everr.. so i layed down for a while.. then i went on the computer and crap.. then i took a shower.. i wasnt that hungry so for dinner i just had some Mac & Cheese (the scooby doo kind :D).. then i worked on my social studies quilt square thing.. and i found out something very interesting.. I'M JEWISH! :O.. so yea then i finished that and thats about it..


..(i have no life)..

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