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alright day..

so today was ok i guess.. i woke up and got ready as always.. then i went to school..

FACS- we talked about the restaurant and stuff.. im assistant waitress.. oh yea :P

SS- we reviewed for our test tomorrow..

Band- band actually didnt seem that bad today.. i dont really know why.. but i didnt want to kill myself as much as i usually want to :P

Math- went over last nite's h.w and did a sheet

English- more ELA crapp

Lunch- funny as always

Study Hall- alright i guess.. i just talked to ppl the whole time :P

Earth Science- we did a sheet and stuff.. (by the way.. i cant go to his house tomorrow.. sorry guys!)

Spanish- lol spanish was hillarious today.. at 1:45 evry1 in my class started coughing and kept dropping their pens and stuff and we really were pissin ms.andretta off and wow it was funny...

so yea then i came home and did my homework.. then i had to read like my whole book for tomorrow.. then i studied my brains out for the social studies test tomorrow.. then i ate dinner and took a shower.. then i studied some more.. and now im watchin the apprentice!.. whoot whoot
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