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good day..

i didnt update yesterday but screw it :P..

so yea todayy i woke up and got ready.. then school..

FACS- computer lab.. BoRiNgG
SS- funny.. we did like nothing..
Lab- eh.. alright i guess.. is any1 going to his house on friday?? comment if you areeee!!!
Math- boringgg
English- more ELA crap.. ugh
Lunch- funny i guess.. i dont really remember :P
Gym- we played "mat ball" or something.. it was funny.. and even funnier when jenns shoe flew off and she fell.. lol
E/S- uhh we went ovr the ?s in our review book then did sheets
Spanish- we learned new vocab.. oh joy
then i went to the bus.. me and heather had a very interesting conversation.. it went a little something like this:


lol.. good times heather :P

so yea then i came home and did my h.w.. then got ready.. then went to dance.. then came home and took a shower nd stuff.. and thats about ittt
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