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ok so i forgot to update yesterday so yea.. i woke up.. and went shopping all day.. i bought some more x*mas gifts for my frendz and i bought some stuff for my mom nd dad.. then i bought some clothes.. i got 2 shirts and jeans from forever 21.. and i got a happy bunny shirt from sears? i dont remember where i got it but yea.. then we went to some italian place.. i wasnt hungry so i got mozzerella sticks and only ate one.. then i came home and took a shower and stuff.. and yea thats about itt


so todayy.. i woke up and got ready and stuff.. then i went to school...

1- FACS- we were in the computer lab.. BORINGGG

2- S.S.- we watched part of the titanic.. then we went over nativists and stuff

3- lab- we worked on the lab :P.. me and carol FINALLY figured out how to label the scalee!! whoo hoooo!!

4- math- burn

5/6- english- boring.. we went over ELA crap

7- lunch- hillarious.. WALL STORIESSS.. ahahah

8/9- gym- we played "baskickball".. wow that was gay.. but it was funish i guess

10/11- earth science- uhh i dont remember

12- spanish- quiz.. easy as piee 8)

so yea then after school we went shoppin at the mall for the spirit of giving thing.. brianne and jenn were in my group.. it was pretty fun.. except for one thing.. FREAKIN MISS ANDRETTA WAS OUR CHAPERONEEEE >:O!!!!.. well then i came home and did all my h.w.. the enddd

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