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merry x*mas eve.. yea rightt

so today basically sucked.. i woke up with a 101.7 fever and i had the worst head-ache/throat-ache/stomach-ache in the worlddd.. so yea the whole day i just layed around doing nothing.. my mom said a shower would make me feel better so i took a shower and i ended up throwing up.. so that didnt work.. and then my dad told me my sister and brother were coming over.. they gave me presents though :).. i got this really freaken awesome pillow and it feels like there are microscopic beads in it or something and its just soooo squishy and i love ittttt and they gave me a cool pocket book thingy.. so yea my dad took them out to eat and i just slept while they were gone.. then they came back and i talked to them for a bit.. and now every1 is at some christmas eve party which i wanna b at right now but no0o0o0o i just haddd to get sick on x*mas eve >:O.. MY LIFE SUCKS!!



x*mas is tomorrow.. hopefully i'll feel better by then...

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