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pretty good day...

so today was pretty good..

FACS- i had lessons so yea..

SS- watched a movie

Band- study hall!! whoo hoo!!

Math- we did worksheets.. what else is new

English- worked on our poetry books.. i finished mine so i just sat there the whole timee :-P

Lunch- normal.. jenn gave me my x*mas gift :).. its a mug with all the disney characters on it.. its really coooool 8-)

Study Hall- just talked the whole time..

Earth Science- we took the testtt.. yea

Spanish- library.. burn.. yea

so then me and brianne went back to earth science to get the grades of our test!!! i got a 92.7!!! and i thought i was gonna fail!! :-P

so yea thennn i came home and had NO HOMEWORK!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!.. haha.. so yea then dani came over!.. she gave me my x*mas present.. its so totally awesomeeee.. she got me socks.. and a H&M giftcard.. and a lollipop.. and (my favorite thing of all) AN ORLANDO BLOOM CALENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. so yea thanks dani i will love you forever and ever :-P

so then i had to eat dinner and get ready.. then i went to dance.. then i came home and took a shower and then realized that i didnt even come close to finishing the lab so i had to do that and yea thats my day!



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