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good day..

so today was pretty good.. i had to wake up at 5:30.. then i got ready.. then i picked up shannon at like 6:45.. then we went to school early to help set up for the restauranttt.. so yea then school started :P...

FACS- funnest period of the day!! we had the restaurant and wow it was just so fun!!.. haha yeaaa

SS- we finished the test up.. then we had to go to that gay assembly

Lab- well i didnt have lab today cuz of that gay assembly

Math- we did some crap on the board and then we were supposed to do a worksheet but we just talked :P

English- i finished my poetry book!  it looks so freakin awesomeeee!!!!! :)

Lunch- funny.. i gave Jenn her x*mas present and i think she liked it.. she will get a lot of use out of it ;)

Gym- i went late cuz i lost my Review Book and i needed it cuz my h.w was in it!!! so yea i was running around the school like a retard trying to find it :P.. so yea then we played "dead man dodgeball" or something like that.. it was hillarious cuz Franklin was the dead man and he would hind behind me and like when some1 threw a ball at him he would like pull on my sweatshirt so i wouldnt move :P.. so yea i ended up getting out a lot

Earth Science- we went ovr our Review Book ?s and went ovr whats gonna b on the test *yea im sooo gonna fail it...*

Spanish- wow.. burn.. yea

so then i came home and did my math h.w and then i went on the computer and stuff.. then i went to dance.. then i came home and had pizza.. then took a shower.. and yea thats about it!



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