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so yea today was New Year's eve.. i woke up and got ready and crap.. then i picked up ashley.. then we went to the mall which was HILLARIOUSS.. ohhh mann.. we bought these socks and we wore them (no shoes).. and oh man they were cool.. they were like fuzzy and they were all striped.. and yea they were cool.. so thenn we bought shorts and a tank top and crap and put them on.. buttt my dad saw us wearing this and said he would not be seen with me like that cuz i was an embarassment or something like that so yea we had to change.... thenn we went to some restaurant and there was this EXTREMELY HOT KID!!!!!! ohh man he was a hott-E!!!! with a capitol E!!!!.. sooo yea then we came home and dani came over and we partied it up a bit and took some pictures of dani's butt.. then we went to some crappy restaurant with crappy waiters and yea thats about it!


  ^whoah dani!


  ^road trip!!

  ^dani's butt :-P

  ^dani again

  ^friendssss :-)

  ^this is what dani would look like pregnant/fat :-P


haha this was a greattt new year's guyss ;-)

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