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bang bang bang :O

so today was alright..

FACS- we ate cookies and drank hot chocolate and told x*mas stories :)

SS- we watched a movie

Lab- i finished up the lab and yea

Math- we did worksheets.. gay gay gay

English- we did some sheet thing which was really weirddd

Lunch- hahahahah HILLARIOUSSSS.. jess got jenn these bears for christmas.. and ohhh mann those bears were horneyyy ahahah

Gym- we played dodgeball again.. fun fun

Earth Science- corrected my test and sung songs.. ahah tori "i better get out of here before he bang-bangs me!!".. i swareeee i didnt mean it like that!!! O:-)

Spanish- we played bingo.. wow it was gay.. she ran out of candy so i got a granola bar.. uhh yea..

sooo then my mom picked me up from school and brought me to Hair Razors so i could meet Dani there.. she got her hair cut then we went to the bank and some kid kept checkin us out and then i realized he was my neighbor!!! ohhh man that was funny!!.. so yea then we got our nails done.. i got my tips taken off :).. and yea then i came home and was sooooo sick it wasnt funnyyy.. but my parents still made me go out to eat with them.. i had a salad and im about to throw it up i think.. so yea im just gonna go lay down now.. adios mi amigos!

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